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Socket Lock-It

Our unique product is an adhesive cardholder for the back of your phone, with a receptacle that can easily exchange in and out your phone grips. Match your style, mood, or outfit. Lock in your school spirit one day, and your favorite team the next!

The Socket Lock-It™ comfortably holds one, two, or three cards in place for a secure fit. Carry all your necessary cards. while still having the ability to use your phone grips for an overall convenient experience!

  • One Product – Two Functions
    Combines Cardholder & Phone Grip Holder
  • Easy To Use
    Easy to Access Cards & to Hold Grip
  • Made in the USA
    Proudly Made In America

Securely Holds
1, 2 or 3 Cards

This cardholder makes the perfect gift to treat yourself or others.

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Socket Lock-It
Key Features

It’s Everything You Need, in One!
(Phone grip not included)

  • Store
    Your Cards

    Forget the hassle of a traditional wallet! Conveniently keep your credit cards, license, student ID, or business cards with you at all times.

  • Show
    Your Style

    Collect and exchange
    various phone grips to
    match your style, mood, or outfit for the day!

  • Trust
    Our Design

    The Socket Lock-ItTM is made of a durable, strong material, unlike most flimsy cardholders. It assures a safe place to keep your cards.

  • Comfortably
    Your Phone

    Insert your phone grip for better handling of phone or prop it up to watch a movie or even for taking better selfies!

It’s Everything You Need, in One!
(Phone grip not included)

One Product -Two Functions

It’s the best of both worlds!

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Tailor to Any Situation
How Socket Lock-It Works

With our unique cardholder, insert whatever cards you need, and whichever phone grip you want, to tailor to any situation!

  • Step 1

    Peel Off
    The Adhesive

  • Step 2

    Clean Surface
    Stick It On Case

  • Step 3

    Slide The Grip
    Inside And Enjoy

  • Step 4

    Securely Holds
    Up To 3 Cards

Enjoy the benefits of your phone grip while
securing your cards.

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About The Founder
Our Story

In January of 2018, the Socket Lock-It™ was born. It was my first year of college and nearly every student I knew had either a cardholder or phone grip on their phone, but never both. When I returned from Winter Break, one of my best friends decided to replace her cardholder with a phone grip that she had received as a gift.

That night, she lost her student ID and debit card because she no
longer had her cardholder on her phone, and “who uses purses or
wallets anymore?”

So, I went online to search for a product where she could combine her cardholder and phone grip, but, to my surprise, there was nothing out there. UNTIL NOW!

Starting with my aha moment, I have made it my mission to create a product which will satisfy what you want and need. The Socket Lock-It™ allows you the convenience of a cardholder, while being able to easily exchange your phone grips.

Founder & CEO The Haus, LLC

It’s everything you have been looking for in ONE!

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Questions And Answers
Frequently Asked Questions

1. I just purchased a phone grip. Should I take the adhesive cover off of the base of the phone grip?

No, leave it on for easy exchange in and out.

2. What if I already have a phone grip?

You can still use it, simply cover or remove the adhesive on the base of the phone grip so it will easily slide in and out.

3. Do I have to use 3 cards at a time?

No, the Socket Lock-It™ was designed to hold 1, 2 or 3 cards securely in place.

4. Does the Socket Lock-It™ come with a phone grip?

No. That would need to be purchased separately.

5. Does this work with phone grips with exchangeable tops?